Instructor: Louise J. Goddard MSc Business
8 day NGH Hypnosis Training Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Achieve internationally recognised certification through the National Guild Of Hypnotists (NGH)
~ the largest, oldest professional organisation governing hypnotism in the world.

Learn from a teacher

Your instructor will be Louise J. Goddard - an experienced expert in hypnosis and NLP and in teaching and business.

Just because someone is knowledgeable and experienced in a subject, e.g. hypnosis or NLP, doesn't necessarily mean they are also adept at teaching it!

Louise J. Goddard is a certified teacher of adults in multiple subjects including computer networking, business, law, and languages, and has been a successful, qualified teacher of adults since 1994.

Said one of her former employers and long-time President of a well-known college in Canada, "Louise is a gifted teacher. Teaching comes naturally to her."

She is also an National Guild of Hypnotists Instructor of hypnosis, a title that demands experience, expertise, and approval by the NGH in person during a rigorous instructors' course.

Additional information about the course content:

There will be useful extra material included, for example, regarding how to deal with or identify certain types of clients, some useful NLP techniques to use before or after hypnosis, and more practical information that comes from Louise Goddard's 10 years of running a successful full-time hypnosis and NLP practice, plus, you can benefit from daily mini-hypnosis sessions to build your resolve, motivation, confidence to use your new skills after the training.

The NGH Hypnosis training runs for 8 full days: four days the first week and four days the following week.
Please be prepared to commit to classes all day during the day and homework in the evening and during the 3 day break.

There will be approx. 25 hours' compulsory homework to be completed during this course, as required by the NGH for their certification.

On the penultimate day, there will be a written test set by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

You will be well prepared for this test. Everything on it will have been seen before during the training.

There will also be required an in-person demonstration of both the pre-talk and a short hypnosis session of 15 minutes.

All tasks, tests, and homework set must be completed in order to receive certificates in any course.

Cost of the NGH Hypnosis training which includes the training, the materials, the certification and the NGH materials:

Cost: CAD $1999 tax included and paypal fee included.

There may be discounts for group bookings.

Payment in up to four instalments is possible for the Spring 2018 training - just ask - but the last payment needs to be received two weeks prior to the start date please.

Included in the cost of the training is:

~ tax
~ credit card fee
~ tuition
~ your NGH training kit (pictured far right)
~ NGH certification
(see photo right)
membership to the NGH for one year


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We would love to get to you know you a little before you join our training, so we'd appreciate it, if you would take a few minutes to complete this application form (a Word document) to join any training. Thank you.

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NGH Curriculum and more...

The course includes, but is not limited to, the subjects listed below which are on the National Guild of Hypnotists curriculum and additional information from Louise J. Goddard, the instructor.

Definition and history of hypnosis - a brief look at the history and what hypnosis and isn't.

How to hypnotise someone - how and why hypnosis works

What is trance - how to explain it to the client

What is a hypnotic suggestion and how to form one.

Conscious and Unconscious - defining these terms and why this is important to understand in your hypnosis training.

Preliminary suggestibility tests - learning some fun tests to do on clients if you wish.

How to teach self-hypnosis - you will be forming an outline of a 6 hour self-hypnosis course, which you will discuss in class, and later be able to advertise and run yourself.

Aids - why and when you can use aids e.g. pendulums.

Additional Inductions that you can use with your clients

Deepening techniques

Smoking cessation - looking at some typical client cases and at the hypnotic suggestions specifically for nicotine addiction; plus some useful pre-done client questionnaires that you can use later in your own business

Weight management - looking at some typical client cases and at the hypnotic suggestions specifically for getting slim and healthy.

Stress management - looking at some typical client cases and at the hypnotic suggestions specifically for destressing.

Ethics - the ethics by which you will be bound as a hypnotist

Session structure - what you will include in a session from pre-talk to exit, with real-life examples.

Behavioural assessment

Goal setting - the important components of goals and how best to set them and achieve them.

Imagery Psychology and Hypnosis

Additional scripts and techniques

Age regression

Your practice - some pointers on marketing and the setting up of your practice.

The training kit comprises reference materials for you to browse and use as a reference for homework and to glean information for startnig your own hypnosis practice.

In class, the instructor may refer to parts of your materials (see right) but not necessarily in the order in which they are presented there. Please remember that they are reference materials to support your training.


NGH hypnosis grads Pakenham Ontario Spring 2015

Above is a photo of some of the Spring 2015 NGH Hypnosis graduates.





27th Nov 2017

The next 8 day NGH Hypnosis group training will take place in SW Calgary:

Tues 9th - Fri 12th January 2018
13-14th Jan - OFF
Mon 15th - Fri 19th January 2018

As indicated, this is an 8 day training, so it's not an 'either...or'. Attendance on all of the 8 days listed directly above are compulsory for the attainment of this certification and accompanying knowledge and skills.

Each day is a full training day, 10am-6pm plus homework.
There will be an hour-long meal break at around half-way through the day, plus at least two short ten minute breaks.

The break times will be approximately the same time each day, but please note that they will be determined by the instructor, by when it seems to her to be a good time to break, based on the work in progress. We won't for example, interrupt an important discussion, hypnosis session, or NLP exercise, because the clock's just struck 1pm, and we broke for lunch at 1pm the day before!

Congruent with the course content, we will be flexible, and focused on the training outcomes we desire

Location: All NLP and Hypnosis training takes place in south-west Calgary (Chinook Mall area), unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Other dates in 2018
Next NGH Hypnosis course: 19th Feb - 1st March 2018. (Weekend is off.)
Payment of four instalments is an option. Just ask.

Please see photo below to see the NGH training kit you'll receive.

NGH Training kit - Louise J Goddard, Calgary Hypnosis and NLP Training


Joining Louise with the larger groups of trainees, will be her husband, Albert - pictured below, who is not only a veritable whirlwind of positive energy, but also a Master Practitioner of NLP, and an NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

Albert,  Calgary, AB, Canada - Master Practitioner of NLP, and an NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

With the larger groups, Albert will be there, along with your instructor Louise J. Goddard, to monitor and to support you whenever you need during the practice of the hypnosis sessions, and of the NLP techniques.

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