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Client testimonial July 2012

To whom it may concern,

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To correct some issues I have with my weight, I have recently decided to take matters into my own hands by trying to use NLP and Hypnosis. In deciding to take action I sought out the assistance of Louise Goddard.

For the record I did not know Louise prior to starting my work with her. I contacted her and I was immediately put at ease about both my weight problem as well as the process that we would undertake together to work towards correcting the underlying causes of my weight problem.

I signed up for 6 sessions with Louise and was pleased to find that with that number of session - 1 extra session was added. The extra session was used for improving memory for some of my sports work.

All of the sessions were conducted with the utmost professionalism, I felt that I was in good hands in every session where Self Hypnosis was used and also enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my issues with Louise using NLP.

Finally, I wanted to tell you that I waited before writing this note as I wanted to be sure that the effects were real and lasting. My weight has gone from 267 to 255 and is still going down 6 weeks after the treatments have been completed. My attitudes toward better eating habits have continued and my exercise routine are all still on track. More importantly than the 12 lbs lost are the reduced measurements around the waistline, butt, legs and arms.

I would not hesitate to recommend Louise and I will be using her services again in future.

Ron T.

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