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If you would like to book a complimentary consultation via phone
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or Skype: SchoolYourMind

Call: 403-835-8329 (Calgary)

A questionnaire completed before booking concerning your reasons for quitting and for surrounding interrelated conditions, such as stress, anxiety or depression, and your willingness to reduce or eliminate those during your sessions for effective smoking cessation.

With the new system, you will have two double sessions on consecutive days, for example, 2-4pm Sat and 2-4pm Sunday.
Sessions are scheduled based on the mutual availability of the client and the hypnotist.

There will be motivational NLP-based coaching together with the teaching of techniques to change your emotional state only at the beginning of the first session for around 10-20 minutes approximately, unless it is specifically requested by the client to be included in the following session(s).

Book your complimentary phone or Skype consultation. Email us on one of the addresses to your left.

Take ten minutes to discuss how hypnosis and NLP can help you.

The sessions are by Skype or by phone. And yes, it works! It's the exact same session as you'd do in an office.


Calgary hypnotist Louise Goddard
Louise J.Goddard
Director and Lead Hypnotist
NLP Master and Instructor,
NGH Instructor of Hypnosis

Photo taken 21st Feb 2016

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"It is never too late to stop smoking. As soon as you quit, your lung function starts to improve," ~ Timothy R. Wu, MD, Director of the COPD Center at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass.

Did you know that your body will start to recover from the effects of nicotine and additives within hours of stopping?
You can choose to use hypnosis to stop smoking, or a combination of Hypnosis and NLP (recommended).

Your blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature are all higher because of your choice to smoke. They will return to healthier levels when you stop smoking. Your lung capacity will increase and your bronchial tubes will relax, making breathing easier after you quit this habit. The poisonous carbon monoxide in your blood will decrease, allowing your blood to carry more oxygen.


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