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How can NLP help you?

You can improve your life quickly and easily using the behavioural science of NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a behavioural technology for which there are numerous complicated explanations, but basically, I would simply say that it’s a tool for personal development.

Excellent with or without accompanying hypnosis, it works very quickly because NLP techniques draw on your own associations and motivations.

You can learn how to control your emotional and thus your physical states. NLP can be put to excellent use at work
– public speaking, communicating effectively with bosses and colleagues, leisure – confidence to try new things, health – fitness and healthy eating, teaching, training, taking tests, etc. The list goes on :)

NLP coaching with a skilled qualified NLP Master Practitioner can result in changing, adopting or removing certain neuro-associations, thoughts and/or behaviour in certain situations or with certain people as applicable.
Hypnosis and NLP, Calgary , Alberta - Louise J. Goddard

Quotes about NLP:

"(NLP) does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena. . .
Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now know. . . "
~ Training and Development Journal

". . . real estate brokers and salespeople use Neuro-Linguistics to enhance their communication skills and provide them with more choices when working in a difficult situation. . . it shows how we make sense of the world around us and communicate."
~ Real Estate Today

"NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communication systems."
~ Psychology Today

NLP is successfully used for almost as many applications as hypnosis. It's quick and easy. As a Master Of NLP and an Instructor of NLP, I regularly use short fast NLP techniques with clients - yes, even by Skype and phone!
NLP does require more participation from the client, in that, we'll be communicating back and forth a little, as I guide you through it's step. All you need is willingness and ability to follow simple instructions, mental focus on each step. A positive expectation is helpful too - as always!

Using NLP with an experienced expert in NLP, you can nix cravings, bad habits, 'reflex' reactions to certain situations/people, maybe even discover things about yourself - why you continue with an unhelpful or damaging habit or behaviour, and this awareness can in itself be curative.

Depending on the needs and desires of the client, NLP work is coupled with hypnosis to reinforce it and in some cases, extend it.

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Interested in becoming a Practitioner of NLP, or a Master Practitioner of NLP? Maybe you'd like to certify as a hypnotist?
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***All NLP and Hypnosis training takes place in south-west Calgary, unless specifically indicated otherwise.***

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Last updated 18th June 2017