Hypnosis and NLP Services and Training ~ Louise J. Goddard and Associates

Included in the NLP Basic Practitioner training will be the following, though not necessarily in this order:

Theory Of NLP
Why NLP Works
Major Presuppositions of NLP

Introducing the Meta Model
Information Gathering Sensory Acuity
Discover your own predominant submodality
Sub modality Distinctions

Eye Movements
Representational Systems

Explanation of Anchors

Demonstration and execution of techniques such as:

Mapping Across
The Visual Squash
Witches Brew
The Swish Pattern
Visual Squash technique
Godiva Chocolate pattern
Self-appreciation exercise

And more :)



If you would like to view and listen to some video testimonials on our NLP training, you are welcome to visit the Video Testimonials page.

All NLP and Hypnosis training takes place in south-west Calgary, unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Our next group NLP and NGH Hypnosis training starts on 12th September 2017 in SW Calgary, Alberta.

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Last update: 29th April 2017