NLP Basic Practitioner Training ~ Louise J. Goddard and Associates

Certification through the NFNLP
National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming

Included in the NLP Basic Practitioner training will be the following, though not necessarily in this order:

~ Theory Of NLP

We don’t spend a huge amount of time on this but if you’re going to learn a personal development tool, it’s only fair and reasonable to know a little about who developed it and how.

~ What can NLP do for you and for your clients?

In this part, we go through some of the most popular uses of NLP for yourself and for your clients. By clients, I mean people who you may help using NLP, or anyone you work with or anyone you employ.

~ How NLP Works

Here we look at examples of how and why NLP exercises work.

~ Major Presuppositions of NLP

In this part we look at the presuppositions or as I refer to them, the assumptions of NLP. They provide a understanding of this tool.

For example, one of them is, ‘The meaning of our communication is the response we receive’. This opens you up to the notion that what we communicate isn’t necessarily the words we say, but the way in which the listener or reader interprets and responds to them.

Like all of the assumptions there are exceptions, but they provide us with an enhanced understanding of how people think and communicate.

~ Introducing the Meta Model

~ Information Gathering Sensory Acuity

The VAKOG senses that you’ve learned about in this book, i.e. sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are the tools you perceive what is happening around you internally and externally – outside and also within your body. When you learn to use your senses more efficiently you will obtain more and better quality information. Higher quality information and heightened awareness of that information in turn enhances your chance of improving your life – how you communicate, how you behave and how you feel.

~ Representational Systems

~ Discover your own predominant representational system, e.g. visual

~ Sub modality Distinctions and how we code memories

~ Predicates

~ Perceptions

~ Reframing

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? It depends on how you frame it. And how you frame it will be subjective - it will depend on your perception and the meaning you give the partially-filled glass.

~ Eye Movements

As you think and as you recall experiences most of you will move your eyes in certain directions. In NLP we refer to these eye movements as eye accessing cues.

In this part of the course, you will learn how to observe subtly the eye accessing cues of the person you are talking to and learn how this practice can offer a useful glimpse as to how that person is thinking from moment to moment.

Explanation of Anchors - what they are, their history, how to set them effectively and how to activate them

Anchoring is one of the most popular NLP methods. It's hugelyl effective.

Setting NLP anchors is like setting a switch on a person so that he or she can instantly flip this switch to change their current emotional state to their desired mental and physiological state in any situation. You will learn how to set an anchor on yourself, and on clients; how to activate anchors,so that you or your client will feel, for example, confident, motivated, calm, relaxed, and much more.

Demonstration and execution of techniques, such as:

Mapping Across - changing dislike to like or vice versa. Great for those chocoholics who want to like chocolate less or even dislike it.

The Visual Squash


Chaining anchors

Changing personal history

Witches Brew - a hilarious but powerful demonstration of using predicates

The Swish Pattern

Godiva Chocolate pattern - sorry, no it's nothing to do with eating these chocolates. If that comes as a disappointment, perhaps we shall revisit the mapping across exercise!

Self-appreciation exercise

And more :)


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Location: All NLP and Hypnosis training takes place in south-west Calgary (Chinook mall area), unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Dates and times 2018 :

Sat 17th- Sun 19th AND Sat 24th-Sun 25th February 2018 in SW Calgary, Alberta.

Other 2018 NLP course dates:

5 day NLP Basic Prac - March 5th - 9th 2018

Be prepared to commit to five full days. 10am-6pm plus homework.
There will be an hour-long meal break at around half-way through the day, plus at least two short ten minute breaks.

The break times will be around the same time each day, but please note that they will be determined by the instructor, by when it seems to her to be a good time to break, based on the work in progress. We won't for example, interrupt an important discussion, hypnosis session, or NLP exercise, because it's 1pm and we had lunch at 1pm the day before! In keeping with NLP Presuppositions, we will be flexible, and focused on the training outcomes we desire.

Payment in up to four instalments is possible - just ask - but the last payment needs to be received please by 2 weeks before start day.

Refine your skills and take them to the next level. Earn your NLP Master Practitioner Certification
- click here >>

Bonus point!

This is a practical course, so during these courses, you'll be conducting many short hypnosis sessions, and conducting many NLP techniques on each other.

Our trainings are a safe, non-judgement environment.

If you have some problematic areas to work on, e.g. procrastination, overeating, or unhealthy eating, anger, then this training is a good opportunity to eliminate these behaviours in hypnosis and using NLP, if you wish.

In training how to help others, you can help yourself!

We would love to get to you know you a little before you join our training, so we'd appreciate it, if you would take a few minutes to complete this application form (a Word document) before the consultation. If you'd prefer us to email it to you, we're happy to do that too.
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