Instructor: Louise J. Goddard NLP Master and Instructor

Online NLP Master Practitioner Training

Certification through the NFNLP
National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NEW: the NLP Master Practitioner training is now available online.

Please note however that while this is a more convenient option for you, it is not a quicker option, because the
same number of hours and commitment to attend and participate are required.

The lessons will be live, in real-time, as a group meeting on Skype.
Conditions apply. Please see below.

The cost: $890 Canadian, inclusive of tax and certification. On 4th Nov 2017, according to this equates to around US $697.

Deposit of CAD $200 to reserve your place. If using a credit card, please use the applicable option on the Buy button menu below.

The NLP Master Practitioner training includes:

Sensory Acuity

Meta Programs, including:
-Toward / Away From
-Internal / External
-Matching / Mismatched
-General / Specific

Rapport building
Motivational Metaprograms
Meta Model Introductions
Sub-Modality Distinctions

Buying Decision strategies
Lie / Truth Submodalities Exercise

NOTE: NLP Basic Practitioner certification is a
pre-requisite for the Master Practitioner course.


Magic Words
Your personal trance words
New Behavior Generator
Embedded Commands
Words to Avoid


Language Directions
Belief Systems

The More the More Pattern
Softening Phrases
Forced Choice

Techniques including:

Success Track
Auto Pilot to Success
6 Step reframe


Bonus point!

This is a practical course, so during these courses, you'll be conducting many NLP techniques. If you have some problematic areas to work on, e.g. procrastination, overeating, or unhealthy eating, anger, then this training is a good opportunity to eliminate these behaviours in hypnosis and using NLP, if you wish.

In training how to help others, you can help yourself!

Additional option: This and/or the NLP Basic Practitioner course can be taken as a private one-to-one training. This is an more expensive choice of course, because you'll have the instructor's undivided time and attention for four days to the exclusion of all other business activities normally undertaken.

NLP Master Practitioner – 4 days over two weekends - Sat 2nd-Sun 3rd December, Sat 9th-Sun 10th December 2017 inclusive.

Be prepared to commit full days, 10am-6pm plus homework.

There will be an hour-long meal break at around half-way through the day, plus at least two short ten minute breaks.

The break times will be around the same time each day, but please note that they will be determined by the instructor, by when it seems to her to be a good time to break, based on the work in progress. We won't for example, interrupt an important discussion, hypnosis session, or NLP exercise, because it's 1pm, and we had lunch at 1pm the day before! In keeping with NLP Presuppositions, we will be flexible and focused on the training outcomes we desire.

Conditions of joining the online NLP Master Practitioner training:
If you desire the internationally recognised NFNLP certificate, you will need the following:
- to possess the NLP Basic Practitioner certificate,
- provide a scan of your certificate, together with a scan of photo ID;
- to be comfortable using Skype for this online training which is live, real-time,
- to be able to provide short videos (taken on a phone for instance) of you performing the techniques taught that can be posted online or sent via email.

If you are content with a certificate from Louise J Goddard that indicates that you have successfully completed the Master Practitioner Training, you can simply demonstrate that you have completed an NLP Practitioner training without certificate. You may need to complete a short theory and practical test.

Please note however that while this is a more convenient option for you, it is not a quicker option, because the same number of hours and commitment to attend and participate are required if you wish to certify. The lessons will be live, as a group meeting on Skype.

If you would like to book a complimentary consultation concerning your hypnosis and/or NLP training via phone or Skype, you can email us at one of the email addresses below.

We would love to get to you know you a little before you join our training, so we'd appreciate it, if you would take a few minutes to complete this application form (a Word document) before the consultation. If you'd prefer us to email it to you, we're happy to do that too.

You can right-click and select 'save link as' to download it >>

or Skype: SchoolYourMind


2018 ~ Next year's NLP and Hypnosis courses start on 2nd January 2018. Registration closes 1st Dec 2017.

Payment in three instalments is possible - just ask - but the last payment for the January courses needs to be received please by 19th Dec 2017.

March 2018: NLP Basic and Master Practitioner training.
Dates will be confirmed early 2018.

Payment in three instalments is possible - just ask - the last payment for the January courses needs to be received please at least two weeks before the course starts.

Please use the button below to book your training. Enquiries and the submission of an application do not constitute a booking.
All prices are inclusive of tax and certificate.

The training fees are in Canadian dollars.

You can book and pay for your training via the Buy button below. The button will take you to a secure banking page via which you can enter your credit card details.
Payment at TDBank is also possible.

Choose your training from the options below:

Please note that no refunds are available after 2 weeks prior to the first day of any course. We appreciate your commitment.


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