Hypnosis scripts - Products for new hypnotists

Scripts Starter package for the new hypnotist:

Choose from the items below

subtle but powerful indirect suggestion and metaphor packed scripts for a variety of issues:

$120 (sent to you via email) so these script are just $12 each, tax included,
or $140 (sent to you via email and hard copies sent to you by regular mail) tax included/

They are in Word format, so if you choose email delivery, you can easily edit them and/or add to them over your future career as a hypnotist.

Every single one of these inductions and scripts have been successfully used with paying clients over the last decade.

Included in the package of scripts are three different inductions, the staircase deepener, scripts for the following:

general healing, weight loss, aversion to sweets, exercise motivation, anxiety, depression, empowerment, accelerated study, letting go,
drinking less alcohol.

Hypnosis scripts for sale

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