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Louise J. Goddard is the author of the life-changing NLP book:

Confidence Matters
~ be confident anywhere with anyone using the behavioural science of neuro-linguistic programming

Hardcover book of 312 pages.

You will be able to purchase this book via Lulu.com and Amazon.com from early Feb 2018.

This book will give you the tools to get to know who you really are, what your values are, what your emotions are tellings you, uncover and eliminate your unonscious limiting beliefs, and much more, plus you'll have step by step instructions of how to do specific NLP techniques on your own- no partner necessary - to get motivated, get strong and go for what you want.

You will be able to find this book at Calgary public libraries from the end of February 2018.

Confidence Matters by Louise J Goddard

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Confidence Matters

By Louise J. Goddard


Louise J. Goddard is the author of the Leadership book:

Balanced Servant Leadership - a wholly practical approach

You will be able to find this book at Calgary public libraries from June 2018.

Visit our Leadership website: www.yourservantleadership.com

Confidence Matters  by Louise J. Goddard

Balanced Servant Leadership

By Louise J. Goddard

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Free Yourself from Pain
Mindfulness Meditation

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If you prefer to book live, individualised, coaching and hypnosis sessions which will be tailored to your specific needs/circumstances, you are welcome to book an informal, free 10 minute consultation on the 'phone or by Skype.

You can tell me the results you want and I`ll tell you how I can assist you in getting them.

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Important information regarding the hypnosis downloads

You will need to find a safe place in which to listen to these hypnosis mp3s. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring you can safely close your eyes and relax deeply. For example, you should not operate machinery while listening to this audio.

If you are suffering from epilepsy; or from any psychiatric condition or any type of psychosis, do not undergo hypnotism without first speaking with your health care professional. Hypnosis audios or any other service advertised on this website is not intended to take the place of care by a medical physician.

Thank you.
~ Louise Goddard CHt, M.NLP

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