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Program Yourself Slim hypnosis audio download
by Hypnotist Louise Goddard

While relaxing and letting the sounds and words wash over you in this powerful 50 minute hypnosis session, you can:



- cravings for unhealthy food
- negative self-talk
- self-sabotage
- self-doubt
- desire to snack between meals
- urge to continue eating after youíre full

Build your

- confidence
- certainty in your ability to succeed and get the physique you desire
- clarity in how youíll look and feel when you get to your goal weight

Increase your

- motivation to take regular physical exercise that is suitable for you

- desire to eat moderate, well balanced healthy meals

- ability to recognise when youíre full

- ability to be satisfied with moderate portions of healthy whole food

Program Yourself Slim hypnosis download
Cost: $25 (Canadian)

This is Louise Goddard's most popular hypnosis audio download - sold all over the world.

Clients also report that a great side effect to using this program repeatedly is that they can get to sleep more easily and sleep more soundly when they do.

I use Ericksonian Hypnosis rather than traditional hypnosis... so the session begins with a lovely story or metaphor which provides suggestions to the subconscious mind.

This type of hypnosis is both effective and powerful because for most people it removes any resistance by the conscious mind. This method is great for (over-)analytical people like myself!

Important information :

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Our suggestion

Listen to this hypnosis audio at least once a day for a couple of weeks or more. If you can listen to it just before you go to sleep, even better.

For ultimate power, when a special event is coming up for example, use it twice, once at the beginning of your day and once at the end. For the best experience, the use of headphones is recommended.

One of my past clients confided that he used to use my audio as a snooze button! He’d set his alarm for approx 50 minutes before he needed to get up – slip on some headphones and get back into bed to drift off again while his subconscious mind soaked up the powerful messages in my hypnosis recording.

What a great way to program yourself for a great day!

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What people all over the world say about hypnosis audio downloads by Louise Goddard

Initial comments:

"I am impressed. Itís a good length with a nice story to lead you into the hypnotic state. I recommend it.
(I have lots of Hypnosis mp3 and rate this one highly.)

I practiced hypnotherapy for a short time many years ago, so I can appreciate the work that you put into it.

Last night I slept from 10pm till 2am, then dozed some more till 4am, then just as I was about to get up, I remembered I had your MP3 at the side of my bed, I listened to it and drifted off again, I got a total of 10 hrs sleep, long overdue. Your confidence MP3 is brilliant."

Comment received 2 weeks or so later (23rd June 2010):

I have since listened to it daily, Recently I gave a presentation at my work in front of senior management (a group of 40 people) and although at first a little nervous I found myself at ease very quickly.

Eddie McEvoy, Scotland


What people all over the world say about hypnosis audio downloads by Louise Goddard

"I love the audio, so soothing... your voice transported me... The sound is crisp and very clean and your voice is so beautifu

l, so soothing... I love it :) It is very easy to follow you and go under, so to speak... I use it every day and find it simply wonderful - I can finally sleep at night now!

This is a very easy and painless way to better one's life and, at the price you offer this tool, well... It's a steal!

I'm looking forward to you making a few more, e.g. stop smoking, lose weight, etc... I'm loving it!!!! :)

Thanks so much for finally recording your expertise in order to share it with as many people as possible. The idea was brilliant!

Tilly, Ontario, Canada 2010

~ ~ ~

"Louise, I used your Ultimate Confidence audio every morning, along with the 'sleep audios' at night. Life seems in general a lot more manageable. I don't let my family, friends and partner walk all over me any more. There was a little resistance at this, but now they're getting used to the new me! Thank you. And thank you for all your kind encouragement via Facebook too! I really appreciate it."

Dave H., Victoria, BC


What people all over the world say about hypnosis audio downloads by Louise Goddard

"I noticed changes even after the first listening. I felt calm and capable of taking anything and everything in my stride. And after a week of listening to it once a day before sleep, I find I am more confident talking to people and generally have a more positive outlook.
I have also re-started writing my book - something I have been meaning to do for years! Thank you Louise!"

Adam Ressling, Seattle, Washington, USA 2011

~ ~ ~

"Using your wonderfully clever and enjoyable Ultimate confidence hypnosis mp3 made such a difference to my work and personal life. I used it as you suggested and the first thing I noticed was a feeling of calm when speaking to people. I didn't get flustered over what I was going to say at meetings or at social outings, I took my time. People commented how confident I'd become! And colleagues started asking my opinion on things at work - people who haven't done so before. I used it every day for two weeks. I'll probably keep using it once a week, and whenever I have an important engagement coming up.
What a beautifully clear and soothing voice you have!
Thank you for creating this mp3. It's a treasure."

Penny, Sydney, Australia 2014

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"Great products - I use all of Louise Goddard's hypnosis audios depending on what I need at the time. All of them are really effective. Hope you bring out some more soon!

Sarah T, Helsinki, Finland


Important information:

You are fully responsible for finding a safe place in which to listen to these hypnosis mp3s. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring you can safely close your eyes and relax deeply.
For example, you should not operate machinery while listening to this audio. If you have any doubts whether meditation or hypnosis is suitable for you, please contact your doctor before listening. Thank you.

The information and guidance on this website, on audios, and given during sessions, seminars and webinars are not intended to, nor should they be used to, replace the care or advice of a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist.


Referencing this web page link is permitted, however redistribution or reproduction of my recordings (MP3s or CDs), for payment or otherwise, is prohibited. This product is for personal, individual, home use only. It is prohibited to use it for groups, for payment or otherwise. Thank you. ~ Louise Goddard CHt M.NLP

Note: All sales of hypnosis audio downloads are final.

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Last page update: 10th June 2016