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Lake Louise, August 2016

Hypnosis: A tool through which you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to create any changes you want to make in the way you think/feel/behave.

People often expect to be totally 'out of it' or unconscious when they're in hypnosis. They often expect not to be aware of anything. That dramatic interpretation is great for movies! The hypnotic state is in fact a completely natural state which we experience every day.

The hypnotic state is like that drowsy state we're in just before waking up, or just before we fall asleep, i.e. when we're neither awake nor asleep. Hypnosis is a state of mind that allows access to your subconscious mind. It can unlock the super concentrated power of your mind. It is a state of physical and mental relaxation which allows the subconscious mind to be more open to suggestions. This deeply relaxed state (often referred to as a trance) is a state of heightened receptivity to positive suggestions. It is similar to the meditative state.

Hypnosis is an effective tool for transformation by directing the subconscious mind to create the reality you desire - that could refer to how we think, feel or behave in certain situations or with certain people. The subconscious mind is like a computer that can be programmed, or re-programmed, to change habits and attitudes to change your life. Sometimes those old software programs we're running in our minds isn't helping us anymore and it's time to uninstall and reinstall! No amount of will power exerted by the conscious mind can override the subconscious mind for an extended period of time. Your subconscious mind is always stronger than your conscious 'willpower'!

The mind affects all functions of the body. This is one of the key reasons hypnosis works so well in pain management or healing faster after an injury or surgery. Go to the 'Get rid of pain' hypnosis download page and see a client testimonial for expedited healing after a mastectomy. It's important to realise that you are always in control. Your hypnotherapist is merely a guide. A person who does not want to be hypnotised cannot be hypnotised.

Rest assured that under hypnosis, no-one can be induced to do or say anything which violates personal standards of behaviour or integrity. In essence, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis has a great many applications - check out some of them below - including losing weight. In fact, the University of Connecticut scientists analysed existing weight loss studies and found test subjects using hypnotherapy techniques lost 60% more weight than those using other strategies.

During your hypnosis session you will be pleasantly assisted and guided into a state of relaxation. Prior to this, clients are active participants in the process by helping to design the programming script (i.e. what the hypnotist will say) that would be most acceptable and beneficial to the clients' situation. Sessions are specific to what you personally want to think, feel, be or do in certain environments. Through creative metaphors and positive suggestions, the subconscious mind is directed to modify behaviour and attitudes for the better. You may be aware of what is being said to you as it's been said, though you may not consciously remember it all afterwards. Alternatively, you may drift off and be totally unaware of what's being said. Either way, changes will take place.

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Check out the page 'What to expect' to find out how I run my NLP coaching and hypnosis sessions.

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If you have any questions about whether hypnosis suits your situation, please contact hypnotist Louise J. Goddard via email on or (for a faster reply) to set up your free 10 minute 'phone consultation and needs analysis.

Interested in becoming a Practitioner of NLP, or a Master Practitioner of NLP? Maybe you'd like to certify as a hypnotist?
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Here are just some of the areas in which hypnosis and NLP can help you!


Stop Sugar Cravings
Stop Chocolate Cravings
Stop Smoking >>
Stay an ex-smoker!
Stop drinking too much alcohol

Drink less wine
Drink less coffee
Socialise without alcohol

Social anxiety
Generalized Anxiety

Stop catastrophizing

Break bad habits

Stop biting your nails
Stop picking at your skin
Stop scratching
Stop chewing your lips/inside your mouth
Stop looking for/breaking off split ends/pulling hair
Stop smoking
Socialise without alcohol


Unleash Creativity
Unblock Writers' Block
Creative dreaming
Creativity in business: come up with ideas for new products and service

Dealing with difficult people

~ The critic

~ The passive aggressive
~ The bully
~ The angry person
Overcome fear of confrontation
Stay calm and controlled during an argument

and depression-related symptoms
Stop thinking the worst
Develop a positive attitude

Stop negative thoughts


Ultimate Confidence >>
Wealthy Mindset
Get Over Your Ex

Stop 'losing yourself' when you start a romantic relationship
Re-gain your identity
Stop Procrastination
Stop Self-Sabotage
Self Discipline boost
Stop 'People-Pleasing'
Elminate fear of conflict
Public Speaking
Public speaking - dealing with questions afterwards
Feel happier
Be more positive
Stand Up For Yourself
Give the Perfect Interview

Get clear on your goals
Law of Attraction
Free yourself from perfectionism
Stop needing others' approval

Fear of public speaking
Fear of questions you can't answer after a presentation/public speaking
Fear of driving
Fear of driving over bridges

Fear of flying - longhaul flights
Fear of flying- small planes
Fear of flying - any plane
Fear of air turbulence
Fear of heights

Fear of needles
Fear of aging
Fear of water
Fear of spiders
Fear of snakes
Fear of dogs
Fear of the unknown - the future
Fear in general - living in fear
Stop catastrophizing*

Stop fearing that the worst will happen*
Chionophobia - an intense aversion to, or fear of SNOW

Lose weight >>
Stop Night Eating
Stop bingeing
Eat less chocolate
Free Yourself from Pain
Lower blood pressure
Boost your immune system
Boost healing
De-Stress and relax
Stop bruxism (teeth grinding)
Overactive bladder/Shy bladder
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Ease Eczema

Relief from hives

Learning, Memory and Concentration

Accelerated Learning
Faster enjoyable Language Learning
French fluency
Study For Exams
Exam Nerves
Memory Booster
Improve Concentration
Learn any new subject
Learn a musical instrument
Learn music easily
Remember people's names
Remember what you've read
Develop laser-like focus
Speak up in class or meetings

Relationships and Romance

Get Over Your Ex 
Confidence with women

Confidence with men
Flirt with natural confidence
Date with confidence
Get clear on the what you want
Make small talk
Retain/Re-gain your identity 
Stop obsessing about someone
Handle relationship difficulties calmly and confidently,
Don't allow another person to manipulate you
Courage to leave a toxic relationship
Eliminate fear of rejection
Eliminate Jealousy
Eliminate insecurity
Be happy and single
Eliminate fear of 'growing old alone'
Sleep, Relaxation and Inner Peace

De-Stress and relax
Get To Sleep
Get back to sleep
Stop nightmares
Wake up refreshed
Creative dreaming
Relaxation any time
Quit Nervous habits, like nail biting
Let go of the past
Let go of anger

Let go of pain
Let go of fear

Clear chakras

Focus and resilience in Sport >>

Martial Arts
Prepare for fitness competitions/ sports events - confidence, drive

Confident Teaching
Confident Coaching
Creative lesson planning
Confidence for trainee teachers or trainers
Eliminate overwhelm/stress
Deal with criticism
Confident leadership
Confident interview
Be objective


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