Gaming Addicts - Hypnosis and NLP can help you break free.

Congratulations on your decision to find out more about how you can use
hypnosis and NLP to quit your addiction to gaming quickly and easily!

Do you find that you're skipping class to play video games? Are you constantly playing catch-up because you wanted to play one more game, which leads to one more, and so on?

Are you lying to your partner or your parents about where you are or what you're doing? And in reality, you're playing video games.

In our sessions of hypnosis and in our neuro-linguistic programming techniques, we will easily help you quickly quit this , and what's more, provide you with alternative ways to spend your time. When you complete your sessions, you'll know how to change your state in an instant, so that your attitude towards gaming is one of indifference, you'll feel that you can take it or leave it. You will be in control of how you feel, and in turn, what you do with your life.

Sessions can take place at the clinic in SW Calgary, or by Skype.

Email us on one of the addresses below to set up a consultation by phone to tell us a bit about your situation and ask us any questions you have about how hypnosis and NLP works. I, Louise Goddard, assist people in quitting addictions every week of various types. Depending on the client's situation, it takes on average 4-6 sessions. It can take longer but this is the average number that after over ten years in this business, I have found that people need.

Each session is an hour long.

The choice is yours. Do you think investing 6 hours is a good investment of time to regain control your life? You can find the fees on the book sessions page.


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