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Free 11 minute  Relax and Revitalise hypnosis mp3, Louise Goddard Hypnosis, Calgary

Complimentary hypnosis audio for you

Download your zero-cost hypnosis audio by right-clicking the link below

and choosing 'save target as...' or 'save link as'...

-> -> 'Relax and Revitalise' hypnosis

The hypnosis audio is approximately 11 minutes length. Perfect for a quick 'pick-me-up'! It's short enough to use before work, or before going to the gym.


You'll need to find a quiet comfortable place where you can be safe and undisturbed for the duration of the audio (11 -12 minutes approx), where you can lie back comfortably with your head safely supported, e.g. bed, sofa, Lazyboy.
Turn off anything that may beep or ring :)

You'll likely enjoy a light trance during this short audio. A light trance is as effective as a deep trance.
You may notice however that the more you use this audio, the easier you'll find yourself entering a restorative, rejuvenating trance
which will become deeper, the more you use it.

Best wishes,
Louise Goddard and Associates


Disclaimer: You are fully responsible for any and all consequences of listening to this guided hypnosis audio. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring you can safely close your eyes and relax deeply. For example, you should not operate machinery while listening to this audio. If you have any doubts whether meditation or hypnosis is suitable for you, please contact your doctor before listening.

The information and guidance on this website, on audios, and given during sessions, seminars and webinars are not intended to replace the care or advice of a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist.

Warning: Redistribution or reproduction of my recordings (MP3s or CDs), for payment or otherwise, is prohibited. This product is for personal, individual, home use only. It is prohibited to use it for groups, for payment or otherwise. Please contact Louise Goddard concerning a purchase and accompanying agreement, if that is your desired use. Thank you.

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