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You are fully responsible for finding a safe place in which to listen to these hypnosis mp3s. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring you can safely close your eyes and relax deeply.
For example, you should not operate machinery while listening to this audio. If you have any doubts whether meditation or hypnosis is suitable for you, please contact your doctor before listening. Thank you.


The information and guidance on this website, on audios, and given during sessions, seminars and webinars are not intended to, nor should they be used to, replace the care or advice of a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist.


Referencing this web page link is permitted, however redistribution or reproduction of my recordings (MP3s or CDs), for payment or otherwise, is prohibited. This product is for personal, individual, home use only. It is prohibited to use it for groups, for payment or otherwise. Thank you. ~ Louise Goddard CHt M.NLP

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