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If you are ready to start a new career in hypnosis and NLP, you are welcome to join our face-to-face, group courses 12th September 2017 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

One-to-one NLP and/or Hypnosis training can be booked any time during the year, scheduled on mututally convenient dates and times. For the NGH and the NFNLP certification training, the same number of hours are required as in group training.

Click here to watch and hear from short video testimonials for our recent NGH and Hypnosis training courses.

NGH Hypnosis Certification Curriculum

Learn from an expert in hypnosis and NLP and in teaching.

Knowing a subject doesn't mean you are also adept at teaching it!

Louise J. Goddard has been a successful, qualified teacher of adults since 1994.

The course includes, but is not limited to, the subjects listed below.

There will be useful extra material included, for example, regarding how to deal with or identify certain types of clients, some useful NLP techniques to use before or after hypnosis, and more practical information that comes from Louise Goddard's 10 years of running a successful full-time hypnosis and NLP practice, plus, you can benefit from daily mini-hypnosis sessions to build your resolve, motivation, confidence to use your new skills after the training.

Definition of hypnosis
Preliminary suggestibility tests
Favourable and Unfavourable influences
Cautions of hypnosis
History of hypnosis
How to hypnotise
Trance depth
Suggestion management
The Conscious and Unconscious
Mechanical aids
Additional Inductions
Deepening techniques
Hypnotic miscellany
Anaesthesia management
Smoking cessation
Weight management
Stress management
Session structure
Behavioural assessment
Goal setting
Imagery Psychology and Hypnosis
Additional scripts and techniques
How to teach self-hypnosis
Age regression
Your practice

Included in the cost is your NGH training kit, NGH certification and membership to the NGH for one year. Please see below to see the training kit.

Please note that there will be at least 25 hours' compulsory homework to be completed during this course, as required by the NGH for their certification.

Optional additional course: marketing and leadership
2 days, 6 hours per day.

NLP Training

Some course conditions are set out on this page, below the NFNLP logo.

For details concerning the content of the NLP training courses certified through the board of NFNLP, please click here >>

Since our move to Calgary from Ottawa last year, we are still in the process of adding webpages from our former websites, so our website is still a little skimpy!

In the meantime, you are welcome to contact us for the details using the details above and to the left.


Please note that with all trainings in NLP or hypnosis of any format including online, group or one-to-one, the dates, the start and finish times, times of breaks, the location, etc are determined by the instructor.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, courses run at the dates and times set and confirmed via email or letter upon payment of the course or before.

Dress code for all courses unless expressly stated otherwise is: smart casual.

(Please remember that almost all trainings take place at a business premises or clinic environment, so short shorts, for example, will not be appropriate! :)

Food and drink: bottles of water or other drinks are acceptable but eating during the course is not so welcome. Keep to small snacks that would be inoffensive in smell to others, e.g. trail mix and such like would be fine. Not everyone has the same tastes. Eating boiled eggs for example, during a training is somewhat anti-social for your fellow trainees and for the instructor :)

Perfume/cologne: please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne. You will be working in close proximity with the instructor and fellow students, of whom some may have allergies, or simply may not share your tastes.

All tasks and homework must be completed in order to receive one's certificate.
Any make-up classes that may be necessary because of a trainee's voluntary course absence or disruption to course progress, will be at the trainee's expense.

time or additional days will be added unless remunerated.

If you miss an afternoon of the training because you simply must attend a friend's barbecue for example, that's your decision, and you are welcome to complete the rest of the course, but you won't receive any explanation of what would have been taught to you, and you will not be awarded the certificate.

Apologies if these conditions seem obvious, but from past experience of running training courses, they are not obvious to everyone :)

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Last update: 29th April 2017