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Louise J. Goddard Myers Briggs test result: ENTJ

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"ENTJ Temperament : Portrait of a Field Marshal

...They resemble Supervisors in their tendency to establish plans for a task, enterprise, or organization, but Field marshals search more for policy and goals than for regulations and procedures.

They cannot not build organizations, and cannot not push to implement their goals. When in charge of an organization, whether in the military, business, education, or government, Field marshals more than any other type desire (and generally have the ability) to visualize where the organization is going, and they seem able to communicate that vision to others. Their organizational and coordinating skills tends to be highly developed, which means that they are likely to be good at systematizing, ordering priorities, generalizing, summarizing, marshalling evidence, and at demonstrating their ideas. Their ability to organize, however, may be more highly developed than their ability to analyze, and the Field marshal leader may need to turn to an Inventor or Architect to provide this kind of input.

Field marshals will usually rise to positions of responsibility and enjoy being executives. They are tireless in their devotion to their jobs and can easily block out other areas of life for the sake of their work. Superb administrators in any field - medicine, law, business, education, government, the military - Field marshals organize their units into smooth-functioning systems, planning in advance, keeping both short-term and long-range objectives well in mind. For the Field marshal, there must always be a goal-directed reason for doing anything, and people's feelings usually are not sufficient reason. They prefer decisions to be based on impersonal data, want to work from well thought-out plans, like to use engineered operations - and they expect others to follow suit. They are ever intent on reducing bureaucratic red tape, task redundancy, and aimless confusion in the workplace, and they are willing to dismiss employees who cannot get with the program and increase their efficiency. Although Field marshals are tolerant of established procedures, they can and will abandon any procedure when it can be shown to be ineffective in accomplishing its goal. Field marshals root out and reject ineffectiveness and inefficiency, and are impatient with repetition of error."

This information has been copied and pasted from the webpage test results which was apparently adapted from the book ‘Please Understand Me. Temperament Character Intelligence’ by Dr Keirsey. Take the test yourself by going to this page >>

Famous ENTJs include:
Napolean Bonaparte
Hillary Clinton
Margaret Thatcher
Carl Sagan
Jack Welch
George C. Marshall
Golda Meir
John Adams
George Bernard Shaw

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